Know anyone who has been assaulted on a shoot?

There is a lot of talk on this one site I occasionally post on about model safety. Whenever I see a model or photog in the scene giving advice, the topic of safety comes up.

Now I don’t object to a model bringing along a friend who will make him or her more comfortable, so the escort thing does not inconvenience me. Lots of people, especially hobbyists, are just shy and feel better (and thus pose better) with a familiar face around, so that’s all good.

As a photographer (and a woman), I have definitely shown up at a few shoot locations over the years where I did not feel safe. In one case (for a trade shoot), I made an excuse and got the heck out of there. In another (for a paid shoot), I shot one setup super-fast, paid the model, and got the heck out of there. I’ve had models attempt to touch me inappropriately, but I’ve never had anyone fail to back off when told to cut it out. I’m wracking my brain right now and, with the thousands of people I’ve shot, I can only think of three times offhand where I was on a shoot and genuinely scared something bad could happen to the point where I felt I should go. And nothing bad actually did go down on any of those occasions.

I remember hearing about that bondage model a year or two back who got assaulted and murdered. But no one I knew knew her. I know a number of models who have had the same experience I have where occasionally someone will start to touch them inappropriately, they tell the person to stop, and the person stops. There are some scary people out there, but I don’t think they usually do their scary stuff during a photo shoot.

So my question is, with all the fear-mongering about potential rape and murder, does anyone here personally know anyone (model, photographer, MUA, stylist, anyone) who has been physically assaulted in any way on a shoot?