Baby Sinead Gives Good Grammar Lesson (VIDEO)

Baby Sinead Gives Good Grammar Lesson

by Amelia G : September 23rd, 2008

Baby Sinead has some very helpful advice for those who might seek to pronounce the word bass. Especially if one is, for example, presenting on stage. Watch the video and find out how to do it right.

Just so ya know, if you pronounce is /beɪs/ or [beys], so it rhymes with ace, lace, debase, then it has to do with sounds which are low in range. If your pronunciation is more like /bæs/ or [bas], so it rhymes with ass, class, fail to pass, then it pertains to fish.

When I was little, my family went deep sea bass-fishing a couple of times. I was good at fishing, but the whole hooking living things aspect kinda bothered me. Bass can be a freshwater or ocean fish, although I do not know whether that makes much difference in flavor. It might be reasonable to assume it does. Fresh . . .

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