People Should Try Not to Take Themselves Too Seriously

So Blue Blood is running a contest right now where members of the (free) forums can win the lovely gator which the lovely Clint Rexx is holding in this photograph I shot with Forrest Black. I posted on of the images from the series in a community and someone actually bothered to create an entire LJ account for the sole purpose of freaking out that Clint didn’t seem like he took being “goth” seriously enough. They seemed offended that I would shoot his smile or that he would sit near Hollywood Boulevard stars for Guns n’ Roses or David Bowie.

I really think it is important not to take oneself too seriously.

I really think it is important to smile whenever possible.

I really think there is no point in picking a subculture existence and wearing it like a fucking uniform.

As an artist, rather than trying to conform and be all ubergoth, I make every effort to immortalize a sense a play.

Blue Blood
(Image Courtesy of Blue Blood)