New Anders Manga Album and Tour

New Anders Manga Album and Tour

by Amelia G : August 21st, 2008

On my birthday, two days ago, Anders Manga released X’s & The Eyes, his fifth studio album on Vampture Records. The first single “There Will Be Blood” is doing well on the European charts already. I swear I am moving back to Europe one of these days, just for the music.

In the United States-based events department, Anders Manga will be kicking off the U.S. tour with a co-headlining show at Dracula’s Ball in Philadelphia with a band called KHZ. Some people erroneously seem to believe that the regular Dracula’s Ball event is not happening this year, but it absolutely is happening. The record label Dancing Ferret Discs, also managed by Dracula’s Ball promoter DJ Ferret, will be shuttering its doors in November, but the events will continue. Hope that clears up any confusion.

Go check out the Anders Manga show and more, if you are in the Philly area. It is important to support creative people who actually come out of the scene.

Anders Manga’s Fall 2008 tour will also come through a number of other cities, including my current home in Hollywood at Bar Sinister and my old stomping grounds in Washington, DC at Spellbound. You can check out some party shots at the Spellbound venue in DC in our exclusive gallery, featuring a cavalcade of Blue Blood and BLT contributors, including Dancing Ferret recording artists Ego Likeness. You can also peruse our exclusive photo gallery of party shots of yours truly and Forrest Black carousing with Anders Manga . . .

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