How to make $$$ in alternative modeling and photography?

There is a site I occasionally particpate in and quickly get discouraged.

When browsing over there, I always feel stressed out by the way people are constantly complaining about a lack of paid work while they expect artists to give them huge money and they do what should be highly paid commercial work for free. I’d honestly participate more except that, although many people have a profile for say modeling and being a makeup artist, there is no profile type on there for someone who is buying photos. As a photographer, I feel like I read stuff from people who expect money to fall out of the sky, when I’m working really hard. As an editor, I don’t participate because it would feel weird to do editorial calls from a photographer profile.

But there are more and more people willing to work for free because they erroneously believe that shooting the cover of the phone book for free means they are going to cross over to some world where everybody makes bank. One of my personal rules is that, while I will work for free, I will not work for free for anyone who has a big office. If they can pay that kind of overhead, they can pay me too.

I have yet to come across an alternative modeling agency which really hooks up particularly alternative people. There was an offline one in Los Angles when I got here, but they had really mainstreamed up zed cards where I personally couldn’t tell that I’d want to shoot some of those folks. In my experience, most of the online ones are just people who get off on associating with models or companies which make money off getting people to work on music videos for free or close to it.

If I am looking to post in my capacity as an editor, what is a good site for photographers to sell photos on?