Hobbiest photographer posts that he likes to give TFCD models gas money to be a “nice guy”. Money does not = nice. Model does not = low paid whore.

He thinks a model’s work is not good enough for him to pay her, but he also thinks she is such a low little whore that he can buy her affections for a tank of gas. How disrespectful. I’m just speaking as a woman here and not a photographer, but, if you are giving someone money to make them think you are nice, that just seems kind of icky. Giving a woman a tiny amount of money and expecting her to think you are a nice guy for it also implies you think she is cheap.

Money does not make a person nice. Especially not a small amount of money. If you give a model $25 and maybe let her use the pictures, then that is a paid shoot with a low rate and some perks. That is not a trade shoot.

Money is for business arrangements and it takes more than money to make a person nice.