Shooting in Portland

Forrest Black and I are shooting women and real life couples for in Portland this week. We only have a couple of shooting slots left open right now, so, even if we would like to shoot you, it may or may not end up being possible this trip.


You must be able to do an extravagant and impressive look. Although interesting extensive tattoos and other body mods can be a plus, they are not required or sufficient in and of themselves. We are really looking for very unique individuals with strong personal style.
A minimum of full nudity is required. Comfort with explicit nudity is preferred, although we may or may not shoot it. We want to work with people who are completely comfortable with themselves in this way.
You must be in Portland between the 21st and 25th of May this week.We are looking to create the most artistic and striking images possible, so we are looking for a select few models who can really bring something extraordinary to the table.Preference for models who have really cool ideas for a shooting location or concept. Our idea of a cool shooting location includes options from artistically graffitied urban settings to beautiful woodland environments to a well-appointed personal space decorated to really reflect who you are as a person.

Refer to Forrest Black’s and my work for an idea of what sorts of people we prefer to shoot in general. Blue Blood publishes many photographers besides us, but, if you are here, you probably have a good idea which is our work and the larger images on the tour are all shot by us.

Rate is high for art and low if your usual job is Valley pr0n gangbangs or escorting for GWCs. Models appearing on are eligible for free memberships, swag, appearances, etc. and receive preference for magazine gigs.

To submit, please message me here or email with the title PORTLAND MODEL. Please indicate where pictures of you can be viewed, what city you are near, what your nudity comfort zone and interests are, and a suggestion for a location we could shoot you in. If you have any special reasons for wanting to shoot or other information you feel is relevant, please feel free to include it. Please note that and are not the same. 🙂