Bags Are Packed

So my bags are packed and I’m heading to Portland in less than half a day.

A funny thing about the internet is that you can feel like you totally know someone and then realize that you’ve never met in person and it seems impossible that you haven’t. I’m going to finally finally get to hang out in person with Killshot from EroticBPM. We’ve known each other digitally for nearly a freaking decade, been in regular contact for a number of years, and partnered on multiple projects, but we never actually got to meet before. We once almost met in the flesh when he got stuck at LAX on a layover, but I’d just finished being somewhere one good friend of mine was attempting to sleep with the husband of another good friend of mine and having to give a police report on some psycho who was incoherently threatening me outside a nightclub for firing a girl she just met and barely knew but had a crush on or something. So anyway, I didn’t think I’d be at my charming best when I got to LAX, which also happens to be my least favorite California airport. Anyway, I’m excited about the trip. Rachel Face also invited us out to a cool fashion show thing she is doing and Voltaire is in PDX for one more week before she heads back South. And I’m going to get to see one of my pals from my old stomping grounds in DC. And a bunch of stuff . . . I should wash my hair, make sure my TiVo is programmed and go to bed.

My laundry is done. Laundry is hard or at least I suck at it.

My magazine deadline is met.

My batteries are charged. I’m ready to go.