Must Get Enough Ahead to Stop and Delegate

I started off this month with the tail end of a mini East Coast photo and fun tour. It was really awesome and a lot of food for thought.

But I got back and it just felt like everything pretty immediately went to Hell in a handbasket. Sometimes I feel like everybody else is allowed to take a break, to make family and friends a priority, to go have crazy sex, to just chill for a while, but somehow I’m not allowed, somehow an awful lot of parts of my universe get pissed off if I fail to be wholly utilitarian. I need to delegate a bunch of stuff like three weeks ago, but I can’t seem to get my head above water for long enough to even get that sorted.

F is kind of badly injured and I wish I had a make-it-better wand.

Really I’ve got a bunch of cool stuff to post about when I’m feeling less harried, but feeling the suck right now. Just kind of in the headspace where I actually had a nightmare this morning about a dickhead thing some movie producer said at a party last Sunday, even though he apologized at the time and it was not that awful in the first place. Want to snap out of it. Need to snap out of it.