Bella Vendetta Arcade

So shooting this set was pretty hilarious. Bella Vendetta, Forrest Black, and I had sat around the boardwalk drinking espresso and talking about all sorts of things. Thoroughly jacked up on caffeine, we decided to shoot inside the arcade. Get that whole Barely Evil bad girl thing going. And Bella had such a cute outfit on for it. So we find a nicely-lit spot and Forrest is shooting video and I’m shooting stills and Bella is half naked. And this security guard comes over and tells Forrest that this is unacceptably naughty behavior. Only the weird thing is, he doesn’t say anything to me or Bella. So she keeps taking her clothes off and I keep photographing her doing it. The security guard is so sure Forrest must be a scary troublemaker, that he follows him around the arcade to make sure he is actually leaving. So Forrest realizes what is going on and walks verrrrrrrrrry sloooooooooooooowly. By the time, the security guard has followed Forrest’s languorous stroll to the door, Bella and I had finished shooting this fun set. Great teamwork! Whole thing on NSFW sample after the jump.

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