30 Days of Night Vampires are Scary Predators

30 Days of Night Vampires are Scary Predators
by Cheeky Monkey Boy : October 17th, 2007

30 Days of Night

What comes to mind when someone says “Vampire”?

30 Days of NightThroughout the world there have been all sorts of undead that feed off the blood of the living. Most vampires are not some romantic version of the undead a la Brad Pitt, Frank Langella, Bela Lugosi or even Kate Beckinsale. Vampires have become docile and over-eroticized in the past twenty years with books from Anne Rice and Laurell K. Hamilton. Don’t get me wrong I love the humanization of the vampire and the sexual vampire has something because I think every single person deep down inside of them wishes they could give themselves to a lover forever. (Who could ever forget the 80’s The Hunger.) But in the last twenty years vampire movies, books and storylines have not grabbed me by the throat. (I know bad joke.) Classics like 1922’s Nosferatu where something that was not human was on the screen. Truly undead. Is there any hope for Hollywood’s version of the bloodsucking undead? I think there is and that hope comes in the form of a story that started as a comic book that came out in 2002 from IDW and the minds of Steve Niles and Ben Templesmith called 30 Days of Night.

Wish to know what it is to see vampires at their rawest form of true predator of the food chain? Then I suggest you pick up a copy of Steve Niles and Ben Templesmith’s 30 Days of Night. This award-nominated comic book/graphic novel not only captured the intensity of the undead as something not to be admired, but feared for what they are – killers of humans. Steve Niles

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