Important Pop Quiz

Yes or no, guys, when I post photographs in my LJ, do you or do you not realize that I am posting my own work, stuff shot by me and my photographic partner forrestblack?

Someone just sent me an email telling me that someone on my friends list actually does not appear to realize that I post photos I shoot. I realize Forrest Black and I have a large body of work and all, but, for fuck’s sake, I think I’d specify if I were posting something by someone else. If I do not explicitly state that something I post in my LJ is a sample of someone else’s work (which has probably happened like 3 times ever) you can definitely be 100% certain it is by me. I mean, this is my journal and all, so it makes sense to post my work.

Blue Blood dot com updates pretty much every day with erotic tattooed gothic punk deathrock hottie pictorials and I don’t even post samples of a quarter of everything Forrest and I shoot, so I’m certainly not posting tons of stuff by other photogs in my journal, even though, of course, I publish other people, with compatible visions, on Blue Blood dot com as well.

Seriously, did you or did you not realize that Forrest Black and I shoot the photos I post?