What do you all think about female mascots for adult sites?

Hey there everyone in my LJ, I just posted this in a community, but I’m interested in what folks I know a bit better think on the topic as well:

Quick intro: Although smut is not the only area I create in, I’ve done a lot of erotic writing, photography, and editing. In 1992, I founded Blue Blood, a magazine to showcase how hot and cool my friends and people like them were. It evolved into BlueBlood.com.

Maybe I took too many women’s studies classes at university, but something I’ve really been struggling with lately is the number of membership sites which employ a female spokesmodel who they pretend is a businessperson at the helm but who is definitely not steering the ship. I don’t think there is anything wrong with spokemodels, but I loathe liars. It really troubles me that so many supposed journalists are so quick to get excited about the business acumen of a naked chick who claims she runs an adult site but doesn’t.

I feel that women who consent to mascot status are ultimately complicit in both their own oppression and the oppression of others, but I know the subject is something I feel strongly about, so I am very very interested to hear the opinions of other sex positive feminists. What do you all think about female mascots for adult sites?