Amelia Needs a Hug

So Blue Blood finally made it into Wired. I’ve been giving Wired and people who work for Wired comps since approximately 1993. Sometimes because they requested free stuff and sometimes because I was lead to believe they would do coverage of Blue Blood and sometimes just because I really admire their contributor list, which includes William Gibson and Bruce Sterling.

So imagine my excitement when I found out that, after all these years, Blue Blood was on Wired. It was the web site and not the print publication and I told myself it was probably just a small mention, maybe one sentence of press as part of a larger article. I didn’t want to get my hopes up too much. I’d been disappointed in the past, when Wired ran articles where Blue Blood’s existence and accomplishments would have been pertinent, but my stuff was never mentioned. I’ve wracked my brain so much, trying to figure it out, that I even worried that maybe a Bruce Sterling interview I fucked up on in like 1992 or 1993 was a problem. (I doubt it is.)

When I rushed over to Wired to see what they said, my heart just fell through the bottom of my stomach.

So I’m totally depressed now. You can read what ForrestBlack had to say about it, right when we first saw the Wired coverage of Blue Blood, on and you can see a screenshot of the article as well.

In my fantasies, a legion of my friends and compatriots march on Wired and on that article and set them straight. All I’m going to ask for, however, is that some of you all give me your impressions and a kind word. I’d like to do a round-up of other people’s impressions, with or without attribution as you all desire.

Sometimes it makes me so crazy, still being the underdog after fifteen years, having large corporations want to hold me back. But, after fifteen years of surviving every dirty trick big business and petty individuals could bring to bear, you’d think that they would all accept that Blue Blood is here to stay and try to make peace.