Pet Peeve

I know some people can’t help it, but it bugs me when people are overly familiar. Like when people who actually do know me make assumptions about me, based on some rumor they heard, or some guess they made. If there is something personal and I haven’t volunteered it to someone I know, then that means that either (a) it is not the case or (b) maybe I don’t want to be poked about it for whatever reason.

When they get whatever the thing is wrong or bring what the thing is up in an inconsiderate place or time, that is annoying. But the part that really annoys me is the name-dropping nature of it. Like they wouldn’t want to have an actual personal conversation with me, but they would want to drop my name to anyone who might be impressed that they know me.

Here is an example from a while back: There was someone who I now know dropped my name constantly, after after ForrestBlack and I’d shot her at an event and working with me one time — count it, once. And I guess she fleshed out a fictional backstory for me to show how well she knew me, but she was so deluded that she started to believe it herself. So she had a conversation with me about how I never graduated high school. Uhm. I don’t have quite as much post-graduate work as I’d once assumed I’d do and I did go to college when I was 16, but I had a high school diploma in hand, thanks. I guess maybe she came up with that based on her own status (which I admit I don’t know because I’m not that familiar with her) or maybe she figured punk rock meant uneducated, as opposed to philosophically different or disenfranchised. Whatever her defective rationale was, it bugged me that she would spread something so egregiously inaccurate in order to pretend to know me better than she did (or does.) I do not think my high school graduation status is something that anyone who knows me is obliged to know. But it is really overly familiar for someone to assume they know and then make commentary about something so delusional to show other people (and me!) how well they know me.

This happen to other people?