Find Your Polling Place & Don’t Forget to Vote

I just wrote a longer thing on Blue Blood about voting and finding your polling place, but I’m posting an abridged version here for those who don’t get around to clicking.

If you are an American, it is your patriotic and civic responsibility to vote today. Please don’t forget.

Sometimes the hardest thing about voting is figuring out where the heck to go to cast your ballot. Happily, the internet makes this all much easier. There are many resources, but one general USA source which looks good to me is Election Protection 365. I usually use the California sites, as I am located in Los Angeles. So I was pleased to find a site with such an excellent polling place locator tool for all states.

Brave people fought a revolution, and great men wrote world-changing documents, so you could have the right to representation. If people with the right to vote do not vote, then the system does not work. I’m off to drink an iced latte and review all the referendum info on my local ballot. Please, please, please take the time to vote today.