Ealier today I couldn’t make my On Demand service work. I think it is incompatible with my TiVo, although the various local cable companies which keep buying one another all swear it should work. I’ve watched all of Dexter, except for one episode. It made me kinda angry that I couldn’t watch that one episode because the On Demand does not perform as promised. The Time Warner chick on the phone was nice, but I suspect ill-informed. A tech is coming out next week. I was nice to her because she was nice to me, but I’m still kind of pissed off. Given that watching an episode of a TV show is pretty damn unimportant, I guess I’ve just got some free-floating anger today. Don’t really know why. Stuff is going well. Hectic enough to be stressful and my job is starting to involve managing more and more people (as opposed to just doing stuff myself, which I am more comfortable with), but I don’t think I should feel so generally angry.

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