Starbucks Atropine

Apparently I am not as able to bend the fabric of space and time as I thought. Starbucks should sell Atropine to anyone wearing extra eyeliner this time of year.

I am so over-scheduled this season, it is insane. Last year, I felt sort of mopey around Halloween and I felt like I didn’t do as much fun stuff as I wanted to. I was still busy and I had some fun, but not as much as I should have. I was just having what, for a normal person, would be a Xmas freakout, only I was stressing about the perfection of Halloween, which is a little, you know, batty.

So this year I made sure I would have plenty to do. It has been very very fun, but I am like quintuple-scheduled every day and sort of have to miss something I intended to do daily. I’ve missed parties Blue Blood has sponsored, but I am definitely 100%, no matter what, assuredly going to Hex Hollywood for the actual night of Halloween. Maybe doing the street party thing during the day, but definitely going to Hex that night.