Ironic Hilarity

Ya know what is kind of ironically hilarious. A while ago, I wrote a long rambling stream-of-consciousness journal entry. Buried deep in it was a mention that I wished a two-faced person would get a headache from the cognitive dissonance of being so phony. It was a very minor part of a very general and wandering entry and someone would really have to read it with care to even notice that one part. Funny thing is that multiple people got all peeved thinking I meant them and multiple “friends” of each person who took it personally had to repeat that person’s distress to me, whether or not said “friends” were sworn to secrecy.

Note to self: I know more two-faced people than I thought, but other people’s guilty consciences are extremely funny.

Note to world: If I mentioned hoping ill would befall a bad person and your self-centered ass assumed I meant you, then I do mean you, whether or not I meant you to begin with. Ba ha ha ha ha ha.

Happy holidays! I have yummy leftovers for days.