I made a really good New Years resolution this year and it’s really put a lot of things into perspective. I didn’t promise myself I would lose weight or anything like that. I just made a pact with myself to stop feeling bad about success. I never thought I would be one of those fear of success people, but I didn’t understand how anti-success so much of my community is. So I resolved to stop feeling bad about success, stop being afraid of success, stop apologizing for my success, and generally stop letting other people make me feel sad about my success. Success should bring feelings of joy and gratitude. I worked for it. I earned it. And I still appreciate the world around me when things go my way.

Joy, happiness, pleasure, gratitude, appreciation, and a general sense of well-being are appropriate responses to success.

I feel really good and really right with myself. This one teensy resolution has really helped put a lot of things in perspective and made easy choices which once would have been difficult. I feel like I was working on a puzzle for ages and all I needed for the whole thing to come together is the one piece I finally found. It is like everything is just falling into place. Feels weird though. A little bit difficult to get my head around but a good thing.