Miss Bunny

I realize that any time I post someone I’m working with here, a bunch of people start cozying up to that person, that person’s boyfriend/girlfriend/kids/mom/boss/business partners etc. In this instance, I hope that at least a few of the biters are decent photographers because Miss Bunny deserves that.

New update to Blue Blood’s GothicSluts.com with Miss Bunny, as well as new Aprella and a whole lot of Darenzia. This sexy series of Bunny will also appear on MissBunny.com

I’d like to sound more chipper, but other people are really getting on my nerves this week. Not Bunny. Bunny is awesome and you should all join her site and please bite on me shooting her with tons of content trade work.

But I’ve been thinking a lot about my original motivations in publishing. I wasn’t even a photographer at the beginning. I just wanted to create the best possible venues for all the amazing cool creative people I knew to share their amazingness with the world.

But most people are actually just a bunch of fucking whiners. You don’t want opportunties. It actually pisses you off to get opportunities handed to you. You want someone to blame for your own laziness. If you can’t take a meeting, answer a phone call, make a deadline, update your site or anyone else’s, remember to renew your domains, think of an original concept, or create fucking anything, then that is your fault. If the only way you get ideas is by watching what I do and copying it in some cartoonish half-assed way, then that is your fault.

I used to feel bad that there were people who hated me at the same time they were trying to be me. I couldn’t understand how they could dislike what they wanted to be. Guess envy is just not really in my vocabulary. So, as part of my resolutions for 2005, you don’t want to have a problem, then I don’t want to have a problem . . . but, if you want to have a totally unjustified problem, here is something you are cordially invited to hate me for: I’m better than you because I had more talent to being with and I work much much much much much harder than you do and you are just not a good enough person.