I’ve managed to do a bit of Igor style walking with no crutches and a lot of walking with one crutch.

Just finished doing some contracty work stuff which I am really happy to check off my to do list. HUGE thank you to Kumi, Darenzia, Julie Simone, and everyone who gave me input!

Done about a billion errandy things now that I am more mobile. Feeling much more caught up and super optimistic about the new year. Still have tons more to do before I leave for Vegas. I thought about cancelling the New Year’s portion of my trip because I was worried about my foot, but sometimes ya just have to say what the heck. Also, the reservations were semi-nonrefundable and I thought it would be obnoxious to cancel the beginning of my trip after going medieval on my travel agent for screwing up the end of my trip. Needless to say, she fixed it, so I figure she deserves the commission even if I just chill in my room.

Does anyone know a good nonelectronic way to send payments to people in Europe?

I am so looking forward to seeing so many friends in Sin City. I hope I can still tear it up okay. I need to buy new shoes. Hoping I get doc’s approval to wear a shoe on my right foot instead of this freaking giant medical appliance. I know I should have decorated it or something, but that just seemed to smack of pessimism.

Off to take a salt bath. My skin has so suffered while I was laid off and deserves a bit of extra TLC now.