Ya know what really gets my goat . . .

This is probably going to bother some people, but I really don’t give a fuck at this point. I am so eager to please. I am always thinking about other people’s wittle feelings. I think it is time I got some consideration for a change.

(1) It really pisses me off that almost everyone I know gets free stuff from either the government or their family or both. I work my ass off all the time and yet I feel like there are way too many people who resent the things I have earned. If you are on welfare or have a giant trust fund, get the fuck off of my bank account. You don’t know what I make and you don’t know how much I give and you are in no position to judge.

(2) It really pisses me off when people have no concepts or ambitions of their own, so they want to snarf mine. For the longest time, I had no bio on my journal or anything else. I’ve made personal sites for other people, but the cobbler’s daughter has no shoes. Finally, I add a pretty minimalist bio to my journal and MS account and I am now reading fragments of my text in other people’s bios already. I suppose it should come as no surprise to me that a photographer who learned to shoot from one of my models and who has shot another one of my models in a location I selected to shoot them in . . . well, the fact that he wants to base his bio on mine — just without the credits I have — should come as no surprise.

(3) Wow, just when I thought people couldn’t suck more, they prove me wrong. It really pisses me off when people slag the hell out of someone they do not even know and then act indignant when the person they libeled defends themself.