I am sooooooooooooooo behind on everything.

Even before I broke my ankle, my transaction bank decided to be totally bizarre and tell me that I couldn’t post any of the updates I had planned for due to new rules which have more to do with people who try to sell access to beheading videos and nothing to do with what I create.

Hired an outside designer to work on a bunch of stuff and ended up having to can him. He seemed like a really cool guy too, so it was a disappointment that he just couldn’t do the work and couldn’t follow the most basic directions. It made us late with two sites though and I feel pretty cranky about it. Forrest picked up the slack on one, but he already had his own bunch of projects. It is so hard to figure out what designer will be good for what job.

My ankle and the giant medical appliance on it are driving me fucking nuts. There is not one single position I can get in which feels okay because the appliance is really heavy and large and I injured my back and other leg when I fell and my arms are not enjoying doing pull-up duty for all locomotion.

Yes, I am taking the opportunity of being in journal land to complain and here is a cartoon about the journal phenomenon. At least, what ails me has variety :-p