The weird back pain I was getting in the mornings seems to have decided to hurt a lot more and become an all day affair. I feel like hell. Swollen and achey in way too many places. My skin is really aggravated. My brain is foggy. Not just my ankle but a bunch of my joints are popping and painful. I probably should have gotten the MRI, but they are so expensive. The weird waves in some of my fingernails are becoming more pronounced. My breasts are tender like it is my time of the month, but it isn’t. I just want to crawl out of my skin.

I wish someone could just give me a regimen of eat this, drink this, take this, and excersize this in the following quantities and it will all be fine. I can handle self-discipline. Okay, if my body is producing antibodies to wheat, I can handle avoiding that, but I can’t handle the seemingly endless parade of conflicting don’ts with no actual getting to feel good and healthy at the end of the tunnel.

I can’t stand never knowing when I will have a good day and I don’t think I can take having a whole lot more unadressable symptoms.