Hate fake search engines/Call for writers and webmasters

So I’ve been thinking about how much lamer the web seems to be getting in some of the areas I am most interested. There are so few really cool sites any more. It seemed a few years back like everyone was working on an awesome site idea. Now the web is littered with fake search engines and cannot find servers where once there were sites. This really bums me out. So I am going to do something about it.

Do you have an idea for a site you would like to do, but you don’t have the dough for hosting or the knowhow to get it going? If so, contact submit@blueblood.net with your proposal or private message AmeliaG at http://www.blueblood.net/. Please provide info on what you would like to do, why you are qualified to do it, and what you will need to do it.

I will accept both sites which are going concerns in need of hosting and new concepts in need of nurturing. I may be willing to purchase an existing site, if I feel it serves the community. I may in rare instances be able to pay writers to do work for hire on a particularly useful idea.

I am just really sick of going to URLs where sites in the scene used to be, only to find a fake search engine in their place. And I am going to do something about it.