Blue Blood Updates, EroticBPM joins SpookyCash, Altporn Interview, Marquis, Amelia G’s Fiction, Szandora POTD


– Updates & Contest

– EroticBPM Joins the SpookyCash Family

– AltPorn Interviews Amelia G

– Blue Blood Gives Back to the Community

– Marquis #32 Features Amelia G & Forrest Black

– Amelia G’s Fiction Translated into French Again

– Picture of the Day

– Contact Reminder: Jps.Net E-Mails Discontinued, West Hollywood Snail

BLUEBLOOD.NET UPDATES has been updated with coverage of the resurgence of the

Los Angeles heavy goth-industrial club scene, including photos and press

on Tricia La Belle’s Bar Sinister at Boardner’s and Taime Downe’s Pretty

Pussy club at Dragonfly. If you are looking for dark shredding live

music, Blue Blood will tell you where to go. In addition, Blue Blood is

having a series of contests this month where you can win everything from

tickets to G.R. Ezekiel Nightshades Midnight Carnival to very creepy

collectible dolls. Sign up for the forums now, so you can

be a winner! Blue Blood will be giving away tickets and other prizes for

the longest thread on the board this month, for the best thread, and for

the most new members referred, not to mention a couple of wild card

lotteries. The Blue Blood Community boards are getting tons of new

members every day and enable members of the community to both make new

friends and find old friends. Conversations have recently ranged from

Jane Eyre to Nine Inch Nails to murder for hire to everyone’s favorite

soundtrack for love. Everything you crave. Come join the fun.


Just as Blue Blood pioneered subcultural erotica in print, EroticBPM

(formerly RaverPorn) was one of the first to tackle the internet

frontier, putting party girls with candy necklaces and cool hair where

they had never gone before. EroticBPM was the first site to bring the

rave community to web in such a very sexy way. The site has some

community features such as some of the longest running altporn forums on

the net, but the most exciting part of this site is the nearly 20,000

100% original photographs of real amateur party girls of just the

fun-loving sort you would see on a really great night out. Music,

Culture, Community, and more naked ravers than you can shake a glow

stick at! The first and largest rave oriented adult community in the

world. Come see what everyone from Spin to Wired is raving about! Blue

Blood is thrilled to welcome EroticBPM to the SpookyCash family. If you

run a cool site, you have got to check out

for the best alt affiliate program on the web.


AltPorn is known for its comprehensive unbiased journalistic coverage of

the altporn explosion on the net. They introduced their interview with

Amelia G saying, “Few individuals in our community need an introduction

less than Amelia G. She and her partner-in-crime Forrest Black are the

closest thing we have to a mother and father of altporn as we know it.

Their writing, photography, publishing and marketing efforts established

a model that has influenced nearly everyone working in the genre, and

their dedication community building and support has allowed hundreds of

creative individuals to connect with one another.

Amelia took time out of her busy schedule to answer some of our

questions about a variety of issues, including the state of the

industry, the BlueBlood style, and advice for budding site ops.” You

will have to check out the site to see what she had to say.


If you are scraping to keep a site going which supports the scene, Blue

Blood may be able to give you free hosting. Sign up for the message

boards at and send AmeliaG a private message

inquiring with info on your site to get hooked up.


The German edition of the new issue of Marquis is out now featuring

Amelia G and Forrest Black’s “Big in America” column. This issue Amelia

G included coverage of the San Diego Comic Con, The Brotherhood’s

X-Sanguin III event during the Comic Con, amazingly original retro

designer Luci, and up-and-coming Blue Blood hottie Nina Sin. Amelia and

Forrest’s column includes their on-the-spot journalistic photography of

the events as well as their usual stunning studio photography of the

gorgeous Nina Sin and the exotic Luci. English edition should be

hitting the streets in the US in just a few weeks and Blue Blood will

keep you posted.


The fourth issue of Blue Blood in print included the first printing of

Amelia G’s lesbian vampire romance “Wanting” which addresses the themes

of the nature of desire and what we all truly seek. The story has been

reprinted in popular anthologies from Circlet Press and Doubleday. Now

it is being translated into French for publication by Les Belles

Lettres. Les Belles Lettres is a prestigious international press which

is known primarily for its academic approach to myth and sociology.


Forrest Black also set it up so that Szandora now has a new free picture

of the day available for your entertainment every day. Bookmark the

page or visit to get your own code to have a new photo of

the #1 girl in gothic fetish alt modeling appear on you site or blog

every day.


You probably all know this by now, but, if you still have any of the e-mails in your address book, delete them as they have been

discontinued. Do not attempt to get in touch using Maryland, Virginia,

Georgia, or Beverly Hills contact info. All swag, contracts, review

materials, requests for interviews, invitations to conventions, clothing

for Szandora to wear in shoots, etc. should be sent to:

Blue Blood

8033 Sunset Blvd #4500

West Hollywood, CA 90046