A Special Week

I have internet again. Apparently my old modem just gave out.

I fell on my ankle again today though. Sitting here with ice on it. It was almost better I thought, but today it did the same thing while I was just walking down the street. It just gave out, stopped responding to the messages my brain was sending it, and I fell. At least this time my ankle twisted more forward so my achilles tendon is fine. The torn tendon thing was really terrifying as that can cost upwards of $20k to attempt to repair and you can still end up a cripple.

Feeling queasy from the painkiller. Ordered food which will hopefully be here soon.

Waiting on a couple thousand scans which were supposed to be done more than a week ago. I called Tuesday to ask for status and was kind of told they hadn’t started yet, but they would give me whatever they had done next Tuesday. It is a friend and they give me a good price break, so I’m not going to be too impatient, but I kind of paid for stuff early so it sucks. And, if they were done, it would allow me to take it easy on some of my current work.

Did a bunch of fall cleaning this morning and bought organizational stuff yesterday and got rid of tons of junk and was feeling mighty pleased. Hey, and I don’t have to endure platitudes about at least you have your health. Bonus for me!