Old Skool

It took me a while to transition both me and Blue Blood to the web. Forrest pretty much had to drag me kicking and screaming and I still do more magazine work than most anyone else in my position would. The modes of communication are different and the place for fashion and music is different and the money is different. I’m an old school zinester and some of those values are tough to hold in a world where my most serious business competitor could be a fifty-year-old multinational corporation in sheep’s clothing.

Lately I’ve been thinking about the fact that things really have turned out about 80% how I planned and how I wanted and that is probably not a bad score given how high I was aiming.

One of the things I wish had gone better as I achieved so many of my dreams is I feel like there are a few relationships I wish I had been able to take better care of. Given how many people I have met with my varied interests and all the places I have lived, the percentage of people I wish I had not missed a certain connection with is verrrrrrrrrrrrry low. I’ve been trying to come up with sort of a list of people who really know me. And know me from before I had the ability to put people on magazine covers. Sure, I want my friends to be pleased for my accomplishments, but sometimes I forget what an amazing distance I’ve traversed because it was a tough journey to stay in touch during. Both literally and metaphorically. Lately I’ve been able to patch up a couple of relationships and just appreciate the ones I have so much better and I’m awfully pleased about it. Spent part of this evening deciding whether or not to send an email to someone on that list of people I wish I had been able to maintain a relationship with and then realized that I (a) had the wrong email address and (b) the person didn’t have internet access. Doh!

I suppose no one here has a contact email for Elisabeth Bjerregaard-Pederson?