By the way, if you are a model on a Blue Blood membership site, your comp password will most likely have expired in the past week. We are going over to a new system and you will be receiving an email about how it works soon. Getting a last couple of details working with the new servers on and getting launched were our top priorities this weekend and, like everything, were a bit more work than we might have predicted. Next on my to-do list is to gather up all of the model emails for models on the membership sites. If you appear on a Blue Blood membership site and your email address has changed since last we corresponded, please post it in this thread and I will leave it screened.

Actually, the immediate next thing on my to-do list is breakfast. I hear that health and weight loss (damn this torn tendon) and sustainable energy are all better if you eat breakfast. But I am just not that big a fan of eating early in the day. Blargh.