Wow, small world

Someone on the Blue Blood boards just private messaged me a link to a photographer’s site so I could check out a very young (very hot) pic of someone else who posts there. The photographer whose site it is was very accomplished and shot for tons of rock mags in the heyday of the Sunset Strip. So I click around and, fuck a duck, I see that she shot a calendar of the hottest guys in the rock scene in Los Angeles, according to a panel of scene chicks.

One of the months was totally the first guy I picked up in Los Angeles. I failed to get naked with him when we hung out because his friends turned me off and then I left his info in a friend’s car and the friend’s car got impounded and I never did talk to him again. He got me to eat Fatburger with stuff on it, even though I normally eat my cheeseburgers plain and he wore an inscribed bracelet from a girl he loved back home. His hair was whiter when I met him than in the photo and I thought he was the hottest guy I met in LA. I would have thought of a cure for cancer, but I remembered these details about a guy I saw twice instead. How bizarre.

Relaunching has really pulled a lot of blasts from the past out for me. Both people I’ve gotten back in touch with and past lives I’ve been reminded of.

I was going to do a post about how the dicks mailbombing us managed to annihilate most of my email from 2003 and 2004 today. And about the headaches adding more servers to our hosting to handle all the new visitors and more active return visitors on our sites. And the crazy guy who keeps yelling in the street outside where I live. And how I threw my neck out again twisting around in a nightmare while trying to stay asleep during his screaming.

But really, all that was just washed away. I love that, although the new has been bringing up a lot of old wounds, it is also bringing to the front of my mind all the reasons that I got into doing what I do. How I loved the pageantry and the individuality and the passion and the intensity. I’ve been thinking that I am disenchanted because overly dramatic pixels on the internet claim the same names as subcultures I have passed through, but really I just need to create a place online for the people who care about the things I care about. The rest really doesn’t matter much.

I will not abandon my community because of a few interlopers who want to call themselves by the same names as things much greater than they are. I took the path less travelled on purpose. I fought to have a life less ordinary.