I Feel Yucky

Nothing is particularly wrong. I’m really pleased with the way my creative energies are being directed. Excited about the Fall. Loving the Blue Blood boards. Eaten yummy food recently. Yeah, my ankle is still jacked up and, along with some other health thangs, that is impeding my ability to excersize. But picking up heavy things and putting them down again is hardly my reason for being. Tried to watch comic Ron White on TiVo, but he just wasn’t funny enough. Partly he was reusing material that was funny the first time, but lost something in repetition. Having hot and cold flashes and should probably go to the doctor again, but if it hasn’t been fixed with the first gajillion dollars in medical bills, not sure the next time will be the charm. Probably partly just this weird murderous PMS I seem to have acquired, but I’m sick of it. Sick of being under the weather when I’ve got work to do. Maybe the Blue Blood relaunch is part of where I’m feeling bad. It is going really well, but it is a little like picking scabs off a wound I thought the scars were long-healed on. Hmmm, fever seems to be subsiding. Maybe I will eat some leftover BBQ and try TiVo again.