La la la

So I guess various people at PayPal are not 100% in agreement on closing my account when I didn’t have any violations. I have received like half a dozen communications from them today. They keep sending me weird notices with quotes from their TOS which I am definitely not in violation of. I don’t even have to write to them to get a few of these. I’m kind of hoping I will win, given that I am genuinely in the right and all. Not overly optimistic, given their track record though. I think I’ve pretty much come up with a solution though, regardless. And PayPal can just end up owing me more money.

Got a brand new bankruptcy notice from the remnants of my old transaction bank folks. The first one got thrown out, but they have filed a new one with new attornies. Still in Utah. Bummer to have had someone take off with so much money they collected in my name. But I still gave all of my customers full service, even though I didn’t get their payments. So I think it was fairly invisible to them. And it is less aggravating to me than having the same thing done to me by Industrial Nation/Moon Mystique. I mean, it was A LOT less money when the IN/MM folks did it, but it hurt so much more coming from within my scene like that. Especially when I told those guys they could make good on it with ad space, if they had already spent the money they collected for print copies of Blue Blood and all. I just saw recently that those miserable thieves were selling rare old copies of Blue Blood on an auction site. Rare old copies which I sent them COD (because they already were past due on close to a grand) and they wrote me a check on a closed bank account. Nice, huh?

I don’t usually eat a lot of sweets, but I went and got some high end pastry last night as a treat for myself. Passion fruit mousse with layered rasberry and butter creme and a forest berry tart with all sorts of exotic berries and custard. My tongue is still orgasming. Bought some super-delish smoked salmon and corned beef too. Just for health points. Hee hee. Good thing my dad sent me a blood pressure machine.

Hoping to finish up some Blue Blood updates today. Was going to do it Monday but had a great shoot with a new girl instead. I think I’m going to go visit Szandora soon. I need to visit to get live, but really that is an excuse and I just wanna go.