Another quiz from Splatter

So apparently I can’t look at Mark’s journal without taking a goofy quiz. Although note that once again Mark’s chance of survival is 8% and mine is 77%.

Streetfight Love – How will love kick *YOUR* ass?
LJ Username
Your LJ Lover/Opponent chyemonroe
Punch Solar Plexis: A sharp blow to this nerve center is an automatic TKO.
Kick Knee Smash: A cheap shot, but quick and easy to accomplish. Could be a distraction leading to something a bit more painfull.
Finale Curb Stomp: So vicious and brutal that it’s considered an urban myth – often talked about, rarely seen. After being thouroughly thrashed, this is that extra mile travelled to deliver the killing blow from which there is no return.
Chances You’ll survive? – 77%

This cool quiz by marksplatter – Taken 58 Times.

New – How do you get a guy to like you?

I actual met up with my unfortunate quiz opponent last night for the first time in many years. One of those weird double-take moments where you look at someone and can’t place them and then do place them. I was like, “hey, didn’t you have sex on my living room floor around ten years ago” and he said probably not as he was not from around here. I pointed out that I meant in Fairfax, Virginia and he was like, “OMG, Amelia!” Then he denied that the sex in question actually occurred. 🙂

In other news, Ugly Shyla turned me onto a very silly site today: I’ve apparently been on there for months without knowing it. Ba ha ha ha. I got called a pussy for letting a model get her way. I guess I can live with that. Note: I am not endorsing ANYTHING on this site. Just saying it is funny. Which it is. The site even has rotating quotes from people’s hate mail to them. Mostly I don’t really approve of people posting without putting their name with their words. I think that, if you can’t sign it in public, you probably should not say it there. But, as I may be one of the last people on the internet with that view . . . anybody want to share their views with me about anonymous posting?