My Dick is Bigger Than Yours

Ya know what I find really weird. Some people just have to make things a contest. I’m always trying to beat my own high score, not trying to beat the next guy.

If someone is my friend, I don’t think about things like who is more accomplished, who is prettier, who is more intelligent, who has more fans etc. We are all supposed to be on the same side.

If I am doing business with someone, I think about what we have to offer one another that will benefit both of us. I don’t think about who is actually bigger in the greater scheme of things.

I actually had an ad sales rep boast to me today that the entire NETWORK of sites he reps gets 1.2 to 2 million visitors A MONTH. And he was talking down to me. That is some serious comedy. I just wanted to get ad rates so I could give the company he works for some money, only he kept going on and on about the tiny network he represents and presenting the pricing in such a disorganized way that there would be no way any rational person could make a purchasing decision from his data. The guy was so rude that I finally asked him if maybe I’d been a guest at a convention near him and been on a panel he wanted to be on or had perhaps slept with his girlfriend when I lived in the DC/Baltimore area where he now is. I pointed out to him that his demeanor was not really normal for an advertising sales rep and asked him what was with the bizarre attitude. I was attempting to lighten the mood of the conversation while pointing out that he really needed to be more professional and organized to make the sale. Only he went totally BESERK that I asked if maybe I slept with his girlfriend. Said I was making assumptions. I was just reacting to bizarre rudeness from a stranger.

I don’t think his girlfriend was that good in bed because I don’t remember her at all.