FAQ for interested models & anyone with a shred of a sense of decency who reads my journal

Please note that the following is my bio from my profile page and has been since I started this journal:


Note: This is my *personal* journal, so, if I am talking about site stuff, please feel free to comment about it, but I prefer talking about personal stuff here, so I would way rather hear about your dog or your opinion on social issues than about when would I like to do a photo shoot or when is x and so going to be available to the public. If you are interested in modeling, please send one to five jpegs of what you look like to submit@blueblood.net along with information on what city you live in or near, whether you have any plans to visit Southern California or Las Vegas, and what you are interested in/comfortable with doing on camera i.e. types and levels of nudity, types of fashions, types of publication desired etc. If you previously submitted to sadistintern@blueblood.net please resubmit to the new email address. Thanks.


If you just have my journal bookmarked in case you want to talk about yourself in it later, please read the FAQ and note that this sort of interaction is likely to go badly.

If you want to discuss personal things in personal space with me, that is great. I’m a friendly girl.

If you want to drag business issues into a space that (a) you should allow to be personal out of respect for my clear wishes and (b) expressly forbids conducting business in its TOS, then you are likely to get a less positive response than if you go through appropriate channels.


That said, I’m going to go get a coffee and chill (with Forrest if he can speed through some of the shoot stuff he is doing now.) It is almost time for us to go pick up the fantabulous girl we are shooting this afternoon and I don’t want to be all aggro while we are shooting when she has been great. I really wish that people who would like me to work faster would not try to start drama with me while I am trying to get work done. In all fairness, I had my most excellent brother on the phone and five webmaster friends on ICQ who were all doing biz in an enjoyable and friendly fashion and I was really rocking Photoshop this morning before I made the mistake of checking my journal email.

I would like a friendly space that was a respite from the more business end of things, but maybe this lj fad is coming to an end anyway.