Friday pix

Got my Friday snapshots from my Phoenix trip posted now at Can’t believe it took me this long to get them online. Being sick sucks. I still can’t seem to kick the last of this cough action and fuzzy brain. I can’t park my car on the street right now because I waited until so late to pay my registration. Cost like a whole bunch more being late too and now I have to wait for my sticker and my old sticker is expired. Oopsie. Starting to get caught up on both work and having a life type stuff like automotive care.

So Friday in Arizona. Pix are of the following: Clothing optional boffer jousting, awesome replacement hotel suite, clubbing with the awesome Jax and pals (That is Jax’s blood on the bathroom mirror scrawl, hee hee), and a lot of drunk internet professionals.

Hmmm, looks like a looooooooooong day. Maybe there is a reason I am so absurdly ill.