Okay, look at this:

Everywhere I seek human interaction on the internet is overrun with the most juvenile spats. The picture above was just posted on a professional board I frequent as a response to a moderator getting rehired after he had been fired for banning an incredibly infantile and rude but big-spending advertiser who was unbanned by the owner but then pissed off the owner enough that he rebanned said advertiser and then rehired the mod. So someone with the Photoshop skills to be a web professional took the time to create the image above of said mod getting I guess fucked in the ear. Well done really. And this is on a forum for business. Comparitively, journalland starts seeming less silly. Your diary is supposed to be self-indulgent and self-obsessed.

Something about the internet makes human beings cranky on some fundamental incurable level.

Note to all my LA local peeps: As soon as I kick this cold, I need to spend some socializin’ time around actual real live human beings. Like outside the house and everything. This goes double out to annathema667 and sinisher and szandora and dyingsunshine, you are charged with reminding me to get my ass to Vegas.

My head still hurts where I hit it on the concrete. I wish I could take painkillers with the rest of the medication I’m on. Hot bath was very nice though. I just emailed my doctor to whinge about how bad I feel and ask about test results.

I wonder if all of the internet is some sort of regressive juvenility machine or just the sectors of it I trawl.