Ack Ack

I feel like fucking Bill the Cat. Look a little more like him than I want to too. Feeling really low. I know it is a combo of being sick, head wound, speedy antibiotics, and frustration at being too under the weather to get proper work done. Got that weird internet combo of feeling simultaneously lonely and antisocial going at the same time too.

Here is a picture of the drill used outside my room at the supposed “resort” the convention was at:

Here is a picture of the bathtub in my room:

That tub does not look like $170 a night to me.

Oh, but here is a picture of me having fun with some of my friends:

There are also a few pictures of me with some total strangers I don’t remember on account of the whole head-bonking episode. Not being able to remember part of my evening really really creeps me out.

The rest of the snapshots from the first of April are posted now at: