Okay, just about finished uploading three new sets to New Kamryn, Mistress Domiana, and Justine. So tired. Dyed hair. Did laundry. Packed most clothing. Packed most equipment. Replaced broken camera. Forrest is uploading a new Genesis LaVey set to which I am really stoked about. We shot it on our balcony in Portland and she was chained up and it was night and very moody and cool-looking. Genesis rules! My email is sort of misbehaving, but Scott and Aragwen you’ve got paypal and, Danny, I will send you a check when I get back. I wrote all three of y’all, but I’m not sure whether you will receive my emails. Phoenix folks Forrest and I will be photographing, y’all have my cell phone number and that is going to be the best way to get me in just a few hours. Gah, I am so discombobulated. I think it is because I committed to this trip way in advance instead of maybeing until the last minute. Very soon we will get to see whether airport security lets us bring a gas mask on board. But, officer, it is a photo prop . . . I’ll post mug shots later. hee hee