Did another reading tonight. This time in OC. Other readers included Mark Ewert, Jan Richman, Horehound Stillpoint, Shawna Kenney, Alvin Orloff, Tara Jepsen, and of course Clint Catalyst. Introducing Mark, Clint pointed out that his story about romancing the great Beat writers was all true. Then he said he thought most of the stories in the book were true. Mine has autobiographical elements, but the characters are composites and, although based on real events, it is fictionalized. Real life tends not to be as clean and symbolic as good fiction. Usually. Mark, Horehound, and Tara in particular did really compelling readings, although everyone was really on it, except for Alvin who was sick, but happily I got to hear him read on a good day last time. This was only my third time reading my fiction at this sort of event, but I’m getting more comfortable doing it. I am fortunate that all three times were with people who really know how.

Enjoyed having Chinese food with everyone afterwards. At least I know dining by South Coast Plaza, so I’m not completely clueless. Or something. Clint and I drove out together. Then Mark, Horehound, and poor suffering trooper Alvin also came back in my car.

Boy was it raining like a motherfucker in Southern Cali tonight. Actually have the heat on right now.

I really want to take some time out to write seriously. Need to figure out the whens and hows and goals, but, the more I think about it, the more I realize it is something I want to do again. For real. Not in bits and pieces.

Possible Approaches to 2004 I wrote a while back:

Pick business goal for year

Pick business goal for half year mark and take off a month to write if it is met

Fuck stupid business stuff and take time off whichever month I feel would be best for creating

I’d like to spend a month in Portland or DC or Middletown or a spa doing something for myself for a change and writing with a new laptop and minimal internet and minimal phone. Suggestions for where the best place to buy an extremely lightweight laptop with a good screen and full size keyboard would be?