Wow synchronicity

Wow, I just asked about how models and photographers feel about stock photography here and a total stranger tried to sell me pictures of girls I know. Girls who I really doubt know they are on a content stock photography licensing site where just a few pictures are being sold for as much as $350. They do not even credit the models or seem to know who any of them are. I know who they are though. The seller can’t seem to even come up with a story on how someone in another country could have met the photographer, so I think this might be 100% fraudulent.

My favorite description on there reads, “They are sweet, tattooed by the Yazuka, pleasuring to top dog of the worlds most feared mafia. They are now on a quest to pleasure you.” Trust me, a lot of people who read my journal have seen the photos Forrest Black and I have taken of these girls and would die laughing if they knew who this supposedly described.