I Love Los Angeles

I love Los Angeles. I feel so much better for having walked in place and picked up heavy things only to put them down again. I love that I could get on the treadmill and talk to someone I like for 45 minutes and this is not odd behavior here. My phone is kind of sweaty and gross, but I just took a nice hot bath.

Looking through some vacation snapshots I couldn’t post before for some kinda humorous reasons. Think I might pick out some that I can post now and upload them soon. They are funny even if you are not me and don’t know the back story.

Thought for the day: F, J, W, and S are all really awesome and keep me chipper. Not that I don’t deserve good things, but I still feel really lucky and special for getting to have such loyal and witty evil pals. It is weird to me how many people I meet who have no friends they have had for more than a year or two and I’m really glad that is not me. I’m also pretty psyched about L and B and some of the other new friends I’ve made who I think have the potential to be part of my world long-term.

I always want everything to be perfect, but damn if my world isn’t pretty darn good. Just not perfect. Darn it.

I think I am going to plan a trip to another one of my favorite cities, sinful Las Vegas, in a little while.

This Thai food still tastes fucking awesome!