Hot models in Toronto

So, I’m pretty sure there were some hot models in Toronto who submitted to the old sadistintern email that got mailbombed into oblivion when we mentioned one of our Portland trips. So I am trying to decide whether I can go to Toronto this coming weekend and I need a shoot or two to justify the party I actually want to go to. If you are a model who fits the following requirements, please post here. My journal autoscreens, so no one will be able to read what you wrote. You can also submit to submit @ Please note that I only have time to write back when I have a specific gig coming up I can book someone for. Please do not ask me to give you free consulting on how much plastic surgery you need. I can’t handle being responsible for decisions like that for other people.

Available eve Feb 6, afternoon Feb 7, afternoon Feb 8.
Exotic, unusual, striking look i.e. gothic, punk, tattooed etc.
Latex wardrobe a plus.
Female or female with male partner.
Comfortable full nude.
Explicit or fetish model experience a plus.
Comfortable shooting in outdoor location.
Knowledge of good outdoor locations in Toronto a plus.
Willing to go the extra mile to get a really fabulous artistic photograph taken.

This would be for a paid shoot, although some content trade is possible for a model with her own site.