Thought for the day: It is funny which things seem like a big deal at the time, but later on are totally microscopic. And which things you think have to pass some day, but the pain never fades, even if it does pass from day-to-day thought. Sometimes something just flips a switch. The things that torment my little brain the most are ones that center around lost potential, missed human connections, things that should have turned out different, situations where I don’t like how I handled them, where I wish I could go back and do the right thing, make them right, even if they don’t really impact my life now.

My Lacuna score is 37. I guess I have a dark sense of humor because I think the following evaluation is hilarious:

“Wow, you have some major damage control that needs to be done. We didn’t think that people would need this much work, but we are happy to accommodate! Your treatment could take several visits, but this procedure will work wonders on you. The toxic memories that you harbor will be erased, leaving you with a whole new lease on life. These people and situations that haunt you have controlled your life for too long, call Lacuna today to get your fresh start!

Let us know if you are interested in our Tortured Soul level membership card. Just pay a yearly rate and this card will get you a discount on all of our services, even the most in-depth procedures we offer!! In addition to our monthly publication, you will be eligible for our bimonthly drawing for a buy one get one free procedure. (Offer valid if the procedure is of equal or lesser value than that of the purchased one)”

Alas, the procedure is John Malkovich.