Vegas continued to depravity

So Friday night Forrest was too tired to come out with us. The convention supposedly had a play party Scar and one other member of our party attempted to attend, but it was a no alcohol and no nudity play party, so, even if you were interested in a play party, this was not going to do it. Voltaire and I hit a rock club to hook up with Szandora and dyingsunshine. Some guy IDed Voltaire like he was totally a bouncer, quizzing her on her age and the spelling of her name and everything. But he totally turned out to just be hitting on her. Possibly for his friend.

So then we headed to the round bar at the Venetian. Yes. Again. We were there for maybe an hour before Scar hit me on my cell and was like this was lame, are you all still there. I was like hell yeah, come on over. So she met us there. She tried to convince some guy to trade her his coat for her dress. He really really wanted to see her naked, but he just couldn’t bear to part with his coat.

Met a ton of cool people. This distro guy from New Jersey guessed my birth year as 1982. Hal gave me and Voltaire a private showing of his dancing video. Much debauchery took place. Believe me the full set of pictures is not what is posted at