Sometimes It Rules to Be Me

It rules to be me! It rules to be me! I was so worried that I was going to get caught up with unimportant nonsense and miss getting my vital work done. But I made my magazine writing and photography deadline. I dyed my hair. I dyed Forrest’s hair. (Forrest has an awesome new hair cut and looks tres HOT!) I got a good start on laundry. We got a bunch of the work done for what we need to have for the conventions. We got our newest site in the hopper to start accepting credit cards. Forrest got updates done for Still need to do an update for and Forrest needs to do one for but I think we’ll make it before it is time to go. Also want to do a little clothing shopping beforehand, but I can do that when I get there too. I bought plane tickets for my cool models who are going to hang out with us and got them all the flight info. We finished a photo portfolio project. I think I’ve got almost all the cell phone numbers I will need. I chatted with a bunch of people I am really looking forward to seeing. I am super-psyched to see Szandora.

Thirty-six hours from now I will be eating sushi with a bunch of my favorite paid degenerate pals. Then hitting the Playboy party. Then who knows what.

I hope my grandfather will be all right, but I know there is nothing I can do but send him warm thoughts and hope for the best.

Going to do some business. See some old friends. Meet some people I only know online. Shoot some new models. Maybe make some new friends. Going to be productive and have fun.

Got jacuzzi suite action set for the whole time I’ll be out of town. Of course, that is pretty much known to be a given, if I’m traveling, to anyone who reads my diary. I heart jacuzzis and this one could seat like four people. I know I will come back refreshed. Hopefully, I will not return to instant irritation like after the last cool trip I took. But I hope to be able to check things remotely at least a couple times while I am gone, so should be okay. Fingers crossed…

I may or may not update from the road, but I’ll have lots of goofy snapshots of my adventures when I return.