Drunken Webmaster Bowling

Okay, I’ve been experimenting with alcohol since I stopped being so allergic to it. And my conclusions are as follows:

(1) It can make unfun things fun

(2) It can make fun things more fun

(3) It is fattening

(4) Hard liquor, no matter how girlied-up, is probably a bad idea for Amelia

I know I had a great time bowling. I am actually really fired up to go bowl again with or without webmasters in attendance. I do not, however, recall a number of details of the evening and I don’t think that happens drinking just beer. Plus, I intend to attempt not to get so drunk I karaoke in the future.

Normally, when I go through party snapshots, the stuff I edit out is as follows:

(1) Anything which would get someone I like in trouble with their girlfriend/boyfriend/spouse

(2) Anything illegal whether it is being done by someone I like or dislike or am indifferent or undecided about

(3) Anything involving karaoke

In this instance, however, given that Forrest has video of the occasion, there seems to be no point in censoring the karaoke portion of the evening. I might also add that drunk-ass Forrest told some bizarro random karaoke patron who asked about my spikey shoes that yes, Amelia is a giant Kiss fan and he should go talk to me.