Back from Vegas Again

I am back now from doing Vegas again with Forrest, Scar, Szandora, and co.

Stayed at a shockingly nice hotel. Weird one for Vegas too. Two bathrooms in the suite. Everything in muted gray, charcoal, cream, and black and no slot machines to be heard anywhere. And three valets if there are three of you getting into your car. An excess of flatscreen TVs in the room. Marble shower. Bathtub with waterfall faucet. Comfortable beds with non-ugly bedspreads. Good pillows. Plush robes. Plush towels. Origami action on the washcloths. Toiletries so attractively packaged that Scar was all over the jars. Really good service.

Such complete silence that it seemed like it couldn’t be a hotel and there couldn’t be any people anywhere else in the building outside our rooms. Wish I could sleep like that more often. Would have been happy to stay in that bed for a really extended time.

Much of the staff apparently believed our band was playing House of Blues. This may or may not account for the extremely good service.

Either way, what an excellent experience hanging out with my pals in a nice environment! Got to shoot in some naughty club locations and see Szandora hula too. Hee hee.