I’ll have an Amelia

So, the second day in Vegas [pictured below and at http://www.spookycash.com/fun/janinternext2004/monday/index.html in their near entirety] the bartender at the round bar at the Venetian named a drink after me. It was this awesome frozen banana concoction that he created when I gave him general guidelines and said surprise me. I got really snockered because, after I tipped really high for the first one because it was delicious and so totally what I wanted, I got a real kick out of being able to tell everyone who wanted to buy me a drink to go order me an Amelia. So I had to keep doing it.

Basically, the day went like this:

Got registered for the convention. Hit the exhibit floor. Got to do oxygen which I like a lot. Especially after flying. Forrest and I drove to Vegas, but I still enjoyed some O2 to keep me chipper and healthy. Went to a party for amateur sites where it seemed like the host didn’t want any chicks there besides their talent. Never mind the fact that my name is on the official guest list posted publicly on their site. Smelled kinda funny there, so, with all that, we didn’t stay too long, even though there were some people I really like from both real life and online there. Then met up with some friends to do dinner. One had promised to go to another amateurs party. So we hit that one while we waited for Szandora to meet us there. The host was someone I had talked to a lot online before he got so the only things he could think of to say to me were boring dirty talk. In person, he didn’t really want to even say hello to me, which was kinda funny. Had dinner with some new folks I met and a couple of people I already knew and super-duper like. The food was pretty yummy. I had kind of intended to pick up the check for everyone, but it was oddly higher than I expected and I didn’t really want to do an inquisition on who had ordered the weirdly expensive thing. Then after about half of us had put in and I’d paid, it turned out that the restaurant had included the tip and we had double-tipped. The service had been good and I felt too weird about cancelling the second tip when they mentioned it, so we just let it slide. The waiter had even been cool enough to offer to take a picture of our group.

Then we were off for mischief at the circle bar at the Venetian. Ran into a zillion cool people I know and met a ton of cool new people. Had an amazingly good time. Went to a party at V Bar thrown by someone who thought Forrest wanted to kick his ass because he had a conversation with Forrest while Forrest had someone whose ass he *did* want to kick in his line of vision. Amusingly, the actual potential ass-kickee was at the V Bar party when our friends VIP passes first got us out of the line, but he left pretty immediately when he saw us. Ah, courage.

Hit a couple of suite shindigs.

Then we went to the circle bar at the Ventian. Had a really good time. See the pattern emerging …